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E-Commerce Minute: Friday -- April 28, 2017

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Headline Scan
Instagram Snaps Up Rivals' Users
C Spire's Place Among Cable TV Challengers
Apple Slashes App Store Affiliate Commissions
Then and Now
Salesforce, QuintilesIMS Team to Push New Therapies to Market
Uber Boss Practices Brinksmanship With Apple
Google Mulls Ways to Banish Bad Ads

Today's Story Highlights

Instagram Snaps Up Rivals' Users
Instagram has reached a milestone of 700 million members while enjoying
the fastest-ever growth rate in its history. The network has grown by
more than 100 million members in the last four months. Its burgeoning
growth can be credited to new features like Stories, live video and
disappearing messages, the company said. User engagement with Stories
has grown to more than 200 million people per day.

C Spire's Place Among Cable TV Challengers
Cable TV has been facing mounting attacks from new technologies and new
competitors. C Spire recently joined the action, announcing plans to
enter the pay-TV space. It's not yet clear what C Spire TV will be, or
how it will impact the marketplace. What we know so far is that C Spire
is a regional player in Mississippi, so the service won't be available
throughout the U.S.

Apple Slashes App Store Affiliate Commissions
Apple stunned the wider development community on Monday with an emailed
announcement that it has decided to slash commissions for App Store
affiliates from 7 percent to 2.5 percent, starting May 1. The cuts apply
to all apps and in-app content, Apple said. However, they do not apply
to commissions for movies, music, books and TV, which will remain at 7

Then and Now
A few years ago, when Oracle was busy buying companies to fill out its
front-office cloud offering, RightNow developed a "day in the life"
video that has stuck with me. It was shown at RightNow's last user
meeting as an independent company. In fact, at the conference where it
debuted, Oracle announced its acquisition of RightNow. The video's
importance was as a harbinger of things to come.

Salesforce, QuintilesIMS Team to Push New Therapies to Market
Salesforce has entered an alliance with QuintilesIMS aimed at helping
life sciences companies move treatments from clinical phases to
commercial applications more effectively. QuintilesIMS, formed last year
through the merger of healthcare data provider IMS Health and medical
research firm Quintiles Transnational, is one of the world's largest
integrated healthcare services companies.

Uber Boss Practices Brinksmanship With Apple
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has a reputation of playing fast and loose with
rules, but it appears that a maneuver his company performed on iPhones
took his ride-hailing outfit to the brink of ruin a couple of years ago.
When Apple discovered Uber was planting code on iPhones that persisted
on the devices even after the ride-hailing app was removed, Apple CEO
Tim Cook gave Kalanick a warning.

Google Mulls Ways to Banish Bad Ads
Google reportedly has been working on a plan to install an ad blocker
onto its Chrome browser. It also has been considering a collaboration
with Microsoft, Facebook and other firms to develop a set of standards
that would determine which types of advertising to block from websites.
That effort presumably would aim at blocking abusive ads without
jeopardizing ads from legitimate firms.

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