Senin, 31 Juli 2017

Editor's Pick: Why Facebook's Willow Beats Apple's Saucer

Rob Enderle
Jul 31, 2017 10:39 AM PT
Facebook knocked it out of the park with its financials last week, and a lot of its success comes from Zuckerberg's unique focus. Unlike other firms that jump from project to project, ranging widely from what makes them money -- like Google -- Facebook stays close to what made it successful. There is no stronger evidence than when you compare the two office projects from Apple and Facebook. [More...]

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The Elusive Total Linux Convergence Dream
Regular readers know that I usually stick to the well-charted territory of essential terminal commands and practical overviews of Linux history, since they are immediately useful to newcomers. Thankfully for beginners, the basics don't change very quickly -- but that's not to say that Linux is a stagnant ecosystem. Far from it. Linux can be found at the very frontier of emerging computer trends. [More...]
InsideView Launches Expert Consulting Service for B2B Marketers
InsideView has announced a consulting service to help B2B marketers implement account-based marketing. Expert Service, the first in the firm's planned series of InsideView Expert Services, delivers target market analytics and helps customers build a view of their total addressable market using a data visualization console. InsideView's TAM service is a blend of consulting, technology and data. [More...]
Amazon's B2B Business Blows Past 1M Customer Mark
Amazon Business, launched in April 2015, this week announced that it had reached the 1 million customer milestone. "This is rapid growth," said Ray Wang, principal analyst at Constellation Research. It's attributable in part to a crossover effect from the large number of B2C customers Amazon has, he said. Amazon Business offers business-only pricing on millions of products, and access to more than 85,000 business sellers. [More...]
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Tesla's Model 3 first drive. It's The Daily Crunch.

MONDAY, JULY 31 2017 By Darrell Etherington

Tesla's Model 3 is here, and it drives like a dream. Snap employee lockup expires today, and the iPhone 8 looks more likely to match up to the leaks. All that and more in The Daily Crunch for July 31, 2017.

1. I got to drive the Tesla Model 3, and it was everything it promised to be

Tesla's Model 3 got handed over to its first 30 customers last Friday and I was there to check out the event. Tesla surprised us with the chance to drive the car, which came as a very welcome addition to the agenda, of course.

Driving the Model 3 revealed a car that's fun, and that punches way above its weight in terms of acceleration and handling. It's also spacious inside, both front and back, despite the smaller exterior measurements relative to the Model S. Its most unique feature might be its single-display console, however – this is dashboard unlike any other.

2. The Model 3's quality isn't Tesla's issue, though...

The Tesla Model 3's a terrific car, and that may be a bigger issue for Tesla in the near-term, since its biggest challenge is going to be satisfying demand for the vehicle. Pre-order reservations extend well beyond 500,000 at this point, and Elon Musk says that's despite Tesla basically doing what it can to "unsell" the car. Not the worst problem to have, however.

3. Snap lockup period expires today

Snap's stock lockup expires today, which could result in a considerable sell-off from employees. Indeed, in early trading it looks down a bit, which might be very bad news indeed for a stock that's already taken a beating since hitting the public market.

4. Google adds its ad blocker to Chrome pre-release app on Android

Google's native ad blocker for Chrome is now in the wild; the Canary pre-release version of the browser on Android has the feature, which is disabled by default, but which says it will block ads from sites known for "intrusive" advertising methods.

5. Apple's HomePod firmware spills potential iPhone 8 details

The iPhone 8 rumors about a nearly full-face screen and facial recognition seem a little more likely, now that Steve Troughton-Smith has found some details in the HomePod firmware (which somehow arrived well ahead of the actual HomePod). These describe an infrared face unlock method, and an iPhone front face image that shows the screen depicted in many renders.

6. Japan space startup tries first commercial launch

Japan's Interstellar Technologies would like very much to be another commercial launch provider in the style of SpaceX. First, however, it has to get a rocket to orbit, and while it tried on Sunday, the rocket lifted off but didn't make it to its target altitude. They plan to try again, however, and in the rocket industry even failure has the potential to lead to future success.

7. Apple's removing China VPN apps, except those blessed by the government

Apple is playing ball with Chinese regulations that require VPNs to get a government license, and removing any of those that don't comply. Which are the only ones that actually work to get around China's overly restrictive internet regulations, of course. Not a move that's winning Apple may fans around privacy advocates, which is ironic considering that's who Apple is marketing to by promoting the fact that it doesn't sell user data.

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Jumat, 28 Juli 2017

E-Commerce Minute

E-Commerce Minute: Friday -- July 28, 2017

The E-Commerce Times -- E-Business Means Business
Part of the ECT News Network

Headline Scan
Russian Head of $4B Bitcoin Exchange Charged in Massive Money Laundering Scheme
How Amazon Is Transforming Retail
Changing B2B Marketplace Calls for New Sales Skills
Facebook to Launch Paywall in Response to Publisher Pushback
Sage Buys Intacct
FTC to Take a Gander at Amazon's Discount Pricing Practices
Zoho Launches All-in-One Business Suite for SMBs
New Cybersecurity Policy Will Impact Federal IT Market
Elon Musk: Luddite?
V2V's Place in an Increasingly Connected World
SEO, SEM Rule Retailers' Marketing Budgets

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Today's Story Highlights

Russian Head of $4B Bitcoin Exchange Charged in Massive Money Laundering Scheme
A grand jury in the Northern District of California indicted a Russian
man for running a massive money laundering operation through the BTC-e
bitcoin exchange, a group of federal officials announced Wednesday. The
exchange allegedly received up to $4 billion in proceeds from various
criminal activities, including the 2014 hack of the Mt. Gox bitcoin

How Amazon Is Transforming Retail
Amazon's plan to buy Whole Foods Market has raised many new questions.
If the company is successful in making the acquisition, and then
successful in operating the business, it could transform the entire
grocery industry. If we pull the camera back, we can see how success on
the grocery side could foreshadow Amazon's success in many other parts
of the retail environment.

Changing B2B Marketplace Calls for New Sales Skills
There are three key moments when salespeople can maximize the value in a
customer relationship instead of allowing it to leak out, according to
Corporate Visions, which announced a new sales skills program on
Thursday. Those three turning points occur during deal negotiations,
when securing customer renewals, and introducing strategic price
increases, the company said.

Facebook to Launch Paywall in Response to Publisher Pushback
Facebook last week confirmed its plan to launch a paywall for content
providers, a move that could ease longstanding tensions with traditional
publishers who objected to giving away their print stories for free.
Campbell Brown, former CNN and NBC News journalist and current head of
Facebook's news partnerships unit, announced the plan at a New York
digital media forum.

Sage Buys Intacct
Sage's Tuesday announcement of its agreement to buy Intacct prompts a
multilayered look at the evolution of the cloud ERP space. Both
companies are partners with Salesforce and have products based on the
Salesforce platform. Each is a member of the AppExchange, and both are
situated in the broad cloud ERP space, which has been receiving a lot of
attention lately as the market seems to be moving en masse, albeit
glacially, to the cloud.

FTC to Take a Gander at Amazon's Discount Pricing Practices
The FTC reportedly is looking into Amazon's discount pricing practices
in response to a complaint filed by Consumer Watchdog over the company's
pending $14 billion purchase of the Whole Foods grocery chain. "Asking
informal questions about issues potentially related to a corporate
acquisition is a natural part of the FTC review process," observed
Charles King, principal analyst at Pund-IT.

Zoho Launches All-in-One Business Suite for SMBs
Zoho has launched Zoho One, an all-in-one business suite comprised of
more than 35 integrated Web applications and an equal number of mobile
apps. The suite offers single sign-on with centralized administration
and provisioning. Each user has one secure account and access to the
entire suite. An admin panel enables and controls access, which
simplifies provisioning, access and audit.

New Cybersecurity Policy Will Impact Federal IT Market
Federal agencies already under the gun to modernize their information
technology capabilities have a new set of standards to meet as a result
of an executive order President Donald Trump issued this spring. The
directive not only will affect agency managers in their IT operations
and acquisition activities, but also will have a significant effect on
IT vendors.

Elon Musk: Luddite?
It's hard to believe that the founder of Tesla Motors and SpaceX could
have such reactionary views about AI. Elon Musk last weekend had some
very un-Musk-like things to say about AI when he addressed the U.S.
National Governors Association meeting in Providence, Rhode Island. "AI
is a fundamental existential risk for human civilization, and I don't
think people fully appreciate that," Musk said.

V2V's Place in an Increasingly Connected World
You're probably tired of reading that the Internet of Things is the
hottest thing going, and that IoT is a boon to technology and,
simultaneously, a potential disaster for security and privacy. However,
over the past few years, another IoT-related technology has been
growing: vehicle to vehicle. V2V is a way for automobiles to communicate
directly with other vehicles on the road.

SEO, SEM Rule Retailers' Marketing Budgets
Retailers have been focusing on technologies to measure and assess
customer response, and have been using the data they produce to drive e-
commerce decisions, suggests a study of 136 enterprise retailers.
Enterprise retailers with at least $500 million in annual revenues
participated in the study, which was a joint effort of Adam Software, an
Aprimo company; WBR Digital; and ChannelAdvisor.

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Tesla's Model 3 arrives today. It's The Daily Crunch.

FRIDAY, JULY 28 2017 By Darrell Etherington

Tesla is delivering the first production Model 3 vehicles to non-Elon Musk customers, Uber's next CEO isn't Meg Whitman and Xiaomi borrows on an international bet. That and more in The Daily Crunch for July 28, 2017.

1. Tesla hands over the first production Model 3s tonight

Tesla is going to hand off the first batch of production Model 3s (besides the very first one, which went to Elon earlier this month) at an event later tonight. This means that after today, the Model 3 is officially on roads.

It's just the starting line for Tesla and the Model 3, however – from here, the automaker has to show that it can ramp responsibly and effectively to a production volume that can begin to satisfy the huge pent-up demand and backlog of pre-orders for the vehicles, which Musk has said extend at least a year or more out.

2. Meg Whitman isn't going to be Uber CEO

HPE CEO Whitman was reportedly shortlisted to lead Uber as its new CEO, but she's not going anywhere, she confirmed via Twitter. Maybe by process of elimination we can figure out who will be the CEO for the ride hailing company after Kalanick's departure, if people keep taking themselves out of the mix.

3. Xiaomi gets a $1 billion international expansion chest

Xiaomi really wants to grow outside of China and it's going to put a new $1 billion loan behind those efforts. Will it pay off? It's been hard for Chinese companies to find success in the U.S. specifically (and vice versa) but Xiaomi has made some progress.

4. SpaceX wants to do its first Falcon Heavy launch in November

It's been pushed back before, but Elon Musk says that the first Falcon Heavy rocket launch is set for November at this point. The massive rocket has a huge lift capacity, and sets the stage for SpaceX's Mars ambitions. Musk himself doesn't expect this one to make it to orbit on its first attempt, however – which means it'll definitely be one to watch.

5. AltspaceVR calls it quits

I think I hear a faint chime, and it's probably the 'time's up!' indicator for virtual reality apps that have had a couple of years to experiment and test the waters. VR is still far from a mature market, and anyone without deep pockets is probably going to hit eject soon.

6. Amazon's The Hub gives apartment buildings a delivery locker

Amazon wants to make ordering stuff online as easy as possible, and these new dedicated lockers for apartment complexes are very much in keeping with that goal. It takes the uncertainty out of getting deliveries, and it's very smart.

7. Google's YouTube TV hits 2 million downloads

Google's streaming TV subscription app has reached 2 million downloads, with installs split pretty evenly between iOS and Android. It's not a rocket ship, but it's making strong progress and has to be of concern to traditional TV providers.

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