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Tech News Flash: Thursday -- April 27, 2017

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Internet Giants Ramp Up Fake News Defenses
Millions May Have Picked Up FalseGuide Malware at Google Play Store
Mobile Ubuntu Gamble to Fizzle Out in June
Our Sci-Fi Future: Silly vs. Terrifying
New Strain of Linux Malware Could Get Serious
The iPhone Model's Impending Obsolescence

Today's Story Highlights

Internet Giants Ramp Up Fake News Defenses
Three major Internet brands this week announced initiatives to combat
"fake news" online. Google revealed that it had tweaked its search
processes to help bring high-quality content to the top of search result
pages. Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales announced a new online publication
that aims to fight fake news by pairing professional journalists with
legions of volunteer community contributors.

Millions May Have Picked Up FalseGuide Malware at Google Play Store
As many as 2 million Android users might have downloaded apps that were
infected with the FalseGuide malware, security research firm Check Point
warned on Monday. The oldest of the infected apps could have been
uploaded to Google Play as long ago as last November, having
successfully remained hidden for five months, while the newest may have
been uploaded as recently as the beginning of April.

Mobile Ubuntu Gamble to Fizzle Out in June
Canonical will end its support for Ubuntu Touch phones and Ubuntu-
powered tablets in June, and that it will shut down its app store at the
end of this year. The company previously had signaled the system's
demise, but it had not fixed a date. With Ubuntu Touch, a unified mobile
OS based on Ubuntu Linux, Canonical hoped to establish a marketable
alternative to Android and iOS.

Our Sci-Fi Future: Silly vs. Terrifying
The future is now, or at least it is coming soon. Today's technological
developments are looking very much like what once was the domain of
science fiction. Maybe we don't have domed cities and flying cars, but
we do have buildings that reach to the heavens, and drones that soon
could deliver our packages. Who needs a flying car when the self-driving
car is just down the road?

New Strain of Linux Malware Could Get Serious
A new strain of malware targeting Linux systems, dubbed
"Linux/Shishiga," could morph into a dangerous security threat. Eset
disclosed the threat, which represents a new Lua family unrelated to
previously seen LuaBot malware. Linux/Shishiga uses four protocols --
SSH, Telnet, HTTP and BitTorrent -- and Lua scripts for modularity,
wrote Detection Engineer Michal Malik and Eset researchers.

The iPhone Model's Impending Obsolescence
VCRs gave way to DVD players, which in turn have given way to streaming
services. Brick cellphones evolved into flip phones, which were swapped
out for two-way pager phones and then wiped out by the iPhone model.
Tape players gave way to the Walkman CD player, which gave way to the
iPod, which also ended up in the iPhone model. I think we soon will see
another big industry shift.

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