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Apple goes magazine shopping. It's The Daily Crunch.

MONDAY, MARCH 12 2018 By Darrell Etherington

Apple buys a magazine company to be where media is headed... actually wait no, to be where it was 15 years ago. Also, Elon Musk makes a scene at SXSW and much more in The Daily Crunch for March 12, 2018.

1. Apple acquires Texture digital magazine subscription service

Apple is not quite sure what it's doing in the digital media world. It's tried News, it's tried making original shows, and it's tried launching a radio station. Each of these could best be described as... questionable successes.

Now, it's also acquired a subscription-based digital magazine service. Which is kind of okay, though I don't think anyone likes it that much tbh.

2. Elon talks space at SXSW

If Elon Musk wants to be on a panel at SXSW, he'll be on that panel. Even if it's a Westworld panel, which is not something he's currently CEO of. As far as we know.

3. Falcon Heavy highlight reel includes a key lowlight

Speaking of Westworld, the series' co-creator made Musk and SpaceX a slick highlight reel of the Falcon Heavy launch, so there's mutual fanboying going on here. The clip includes footage of the center booster core from the rocket missing its seaborne landing pad, which is super interesting.

4. Platforms, they're killing the web

The open web is now just a series of AOL portals basically. It's bad. Don't take my word for it, listen to Tim Berners-Lee.

5. Elon Musk is ready for doomsday

I feel like we all should be ready for doomsday though, so it's no big deal. Also, he's been very open about this plan all along: Each of his businesses is designed to stave off the end of the world and he's said that from the very start, so this is nothing new.

6. Amazon lets you ask Alexa follow-up requests

Now just add "and" statements for chaining multiple commands, which everyone in the world who uses Alexa regularly wants real bad.

7. Local news is good here's proof

Eric Eldon, former TechCrunch co-editor and now Hoodline editor in chief, joins Megan and Henry on this week's CTRL+T to talk about getting ˜e∑s from your neighborhood.

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