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E-Commerce Minute

E-Commerce Minute: Thursday -- March 29, 2018

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FTC Signals Tougher Stance on Mobile Privacy Protection
How to Safeguard Your Firm's Online Reputation
US Charges 9 Iranians in Massive Academic Research Theft
It's Getting Lonely at Quota Club
Women-Owned Firms More Active on Social Nets

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Today's Story Highlights

FTC Signals Tougher Stance on Mobile Privacy Protection
Mobile device makers and telecom service providers need to make
significant privacy protection improvements for their customers, says
the FTC. Its recent report could become the basis for agency enforcement
actions -- not only for smartphones, but also for other mobile devices.
"The report is a clear signal to the industry to focus on this issue,"
said Gerard Stegmaier, a partner at Reed Smith.

How to Safeguard Your Firm's Online Reputation
When it comes to business, you're only as good as your reputation.
Indeed, your reputation is your brand. It is the substance your logo
represents; it is the glue in customer brand loyalty. In a word,
reputation is everything. Yet it's not entirely under your control. That
doesn't mean you are helpless as a victim of false accusations, ratings,
or wrongful attacks on your company's character, however.

US Charges 9 Iranians in Massive Academic Research Theft
The DoJ has charged nine Iranian nationals for engaging in a massive
phishing campaign on behalf of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. The
allegations include the theft of $3.4 billion in research and
intellectual property from 320 colleges and universities in the U.S. and
abroad, as well as from 47 foreign and domestic companies, plus several
federal agencies, state governments, and the UN.

It's Getting Lonely at Quota Club
Sales people and their managers should be celebrating the economic gains
of the last few years but for many of them the gains may be illusory.
Sixty-three percent of sales reps made quota in 2012, but five years
later -- despite an improving economy -- that number dropped to 53
percent, according to CSO Insights' continuing research, which stretches
over more than two decades.

Women-Owned Firms More Active on Social Nets
Small businesses use social media extensively, suggest the results of a
recent Clutch survey of 351 U.S. firms with fewer than 500 employees.
Overall, 71 percent of the respondents used social media for business
purposes, and those affiliated with firms owned by women reported
heavier use. "By nature, women tend to be more social," observed Rob
Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group.

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