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Mark Zuckerberg finally speaks. It's The Daily Crunch.

THURSDAY, MARCH 22 2018 By Darrell Etherington

Facebook's long-silent CEO is silent no longer, the video of Uber's AV test crash is shocking, Twitter's CISO departs and more, in The Daily Crunch for March 22, 2018.

1. Zuck speaks

Mark Zuckerberg has finally spoken out about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, and the fallout of news that the latter company used data from members of the former without their knowledge or consent.

Zuckerberg did a media tour, giving no less than four "exclusive" interviews, during the majority of which he says basically the same stuff, like that he regrets this happened and is taking steps to ensure it doesn't again. He doesn't, however, explain why it took two years during which Facebook knew this occurred for it to come to light.

2. Is it time for him to resign?

Our own Devin Coldewey thinks it could be time Zuckerberg resigns as a result of this. That's not something I see echoed many other places around the web, but given Zuck's own statements about not wanting the responsibility of setting content decisions for a large swath of the planet's population, maybe it's time for him to hand that to someone else.

3. Uber autonomous vehicle fatality video released

Tempe Police have released the video from the Uber autonomous test vehicle that struck and killed a pedestrian while driving at night earlier this week. The video is definitely disturbing, and I'd advise against watching it unless you feel you absolutely should. I can sum up that the clip makes it seem, to someone with more than a layperson's understanding of the technology involved, like the system should've detected the pedestrian and anticipated their path, and that the safety driver appears distracted and that their reaction time is impeded as a result.

4. Twitter's losing its CISO

Twitter's Chief Information Security Officer is leaving the company to found his own security startup. It's curious timing as both Google and Facebook have lost their own top information security personnel.

5. YouTube is now the top-grossing iPhone app

Yes, a free app that once didn't even offer any direct monetization is now the top grossing iOS app in the U.S., thanks to its built-in YouTube Red subscription options.

6. GoPro to license its lenses and sensors

GoPro has a decent core business but it can't seem to find room to grow, or really even to breathe. Now, though, it's hoping to license its homegrown camera tech to other device makers to help move things along. That could work, but it'll put it in direct competition with Sony in another market beyond the action camera realm.

7. Huawei suffers a Best Buy blow

Huawei is quickly becoming the poster child for a looming U.S.-China trade war, and the latest sign of that is a reported decision by Best Buy not to carry their products any longer. That's extremely bad news for a device maker that relies on experiential marketing to sell its physical products.

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