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E-Commerce Minute

E-Commerce Minute: Monday -- December 18, 2017

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Guiding Ecommerce Into Commercial Real Estate
Most Marketers Struggle to Reach Targeted Customers
FCC Votes 3-2 to Upend Net Neutrality
Internet Pioneers Urge Cancellation of Net Neutrality Repeal Vote
Creeping Decentralization and CRM

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Today's Story Highlights

Guiding Ecommerce Into Commercial Real Estate
E-commerce has inflicted damage on the conventional retail or "brick"
segment of the commercial real estate world. Yet, there are ways that web-
based shopping is helping to boost retail real estate. A reverse flow is
arising as growing numbers of ecommerce-only players are waking up to the
commercial value of offering goods both online and also in physical stores.

Most Marketers Struggle to Reach Targeted Customers
Sixty percent of the digital marketing professionals who responded to a
recent survey reported difficulty in reaching their target audiences
with messaging and content. Only 19 percent of those surveyed were "very
familiar" with how automation could help drive marketing campaigns,
according to Ytel. Fifty-eight percent of those surveyed said they liked
to use phones for marketing.

FCC Votes 3-2 to Upend Net Neutrality
The FCC on Thursday voted 3-2 to repeal Obama-era Net neutrality rules
that prevented ISPs from blocking, throttling or otherwise giving
preferential treatment to customers. Backers of the repeal characterized
it as promoting greater technological innovation and freedom to conduct
business. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai spearheaded the reversal of the Title II
Net neutrality regulations.

Internet Pioneers Urge Cancellation of Net Neutrality Repeal Vote
A group of 21 leading technology pioneers, including Apple Computer
cofounder Steve Wozniak and World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee,
signed an open letter to key congressional leaders asking them to
pressure FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to cancel Thursday's planned vote to
repeal Net neutrality. The process is severely flawed, they argued, and
a rules repeal poses an imminent threat to the Internet.

Creeping Decentralization and CRM
One of the big stories of next year might be decentralization.
Decentralization is what it sounds like: pushing centralized processes
and decision-making to the periphery, where it is believed people can be
more effective at dealing with whatever is on tap. Western democratic
capitalism runs circles around Soviet style centralized command-and-
control economics.

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