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Apple's big health play in iOS 11.3. It's The Daily Crunch.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24 2018 By Darrell Etherington

Apple wants to bring medical records to the people, and to the future. Also, it still thinks Animoji are going to be a thing for some reason. And Facebook wants to make sure reality is Reality. All that and more in The Daily Crunch for January 24, 2018.

1. Apple wants to be the digital keeper of your medical records

Apple is hoping its rep for protecting user privacy will help it make headway with a new feature designed to collect a user's medical records all in one place and provide them direct access.

It sounds like a solid plan, and something that could be genuinely useful if widely adopted and supported. It's basically Apple helping the medical industry along with something it's already trying to do.

2. Apple is putting more Animoji in iOS 11.3 for some reason

Okay Apple, Animoji were a cute way to show how powerful your iPhone X front-facing camera tech was. But now it's over, the time is passed. Build more useful things instead. The battery thing is good, though.

3. Facebook acquired a biometric ID startup

This company builds tools that allow others to quickly and easily identify government-issued ID so that companies can ensure users are who they say they are. Facebook's search for The Truth in all things continues.

4. Stripe is killing Bitcoin payment support

Bitcoin is bad I keep telling you all. Here's further evidence. Don't @ me.

5. Google's Lunar Xprize won't have a winner

Sadly, the $30 million Google-sponsored Xprize for a private lunar mission is going to go unclaimed. The good news is that the teams participating still accomplished a lot along the way, even if they couldn't hit the March deadline of this year to reach the Moon. And, there's a possibility it'll continue regardless.

6. The sequel to Vine is coming

Twitter probably starved Vine on the vine, to torture a metaphor. A new version is on the way, and it might be able to recapture some of v1's energy.

7. Subscription video on demand is growing like gangbusters

Non-SVOD TV will die, like CDs and DVDs and every other old form of media that came before.

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