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Twitter's COO takes flight. It's The Daily Crunch.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 23 2018 By Darrell Etherington

Twitter's Anthony Noto flies away, Uber's Khosrowshahi sees self-driving in the near future and Apple sets a street date for its odd speaker. All that and more in The Daily Crunch for January 23, 2018.

1. Twitter's COO is leaving

Twitter's latest high-profile exec departure is Anthony Noto, the COO who many credit with what financial success the company has managed since CEO Dick Costolo hired him in 2014.

Now, he's off to head financial startup SoFi as CEO, effective March 1. Noto apparently was itching for the CEO spot at Twitter, before founder Jack Dorsey came back to claim it, so that may have influenced his departure.

2. Uber wants to begin self-driving ride hailing service available in 18 months

Yep, just 18 months until the first autonomous Ubers start serving in non-testing capacities, according to the company's CEO. He also noted that to start, self-driving cars will handle only a very small percentage of rides, taking on more as the technology improves.

3. The HomePod is finally set to ship

Apple's HomePod will ship beginning February 9 in its initial launch markets, after being delayed. It also won't have multiroom support at launch. And it'll only support Apple Music, and not Bluetooth connectivity, and it'll cost $350. Hmm.

4. Aspect Ventures raises $181 million fund

That's a big new fund for the team led by VCs Jennifer Fonstad and Theresia Gouw. The company far outpaces the industry average in investing in female-led companies, and it's looking to focus with this fund on future of work, finch, health and cybersecurity targets.

5. Elon Musk's new compensation package is designed for the long haul

Elon Musk had previously suggested he might leave Tesla once the Model 3 was out there, but no one took him that seriously and now he has a new compensation package that suggests he should be around for a long while – or at least until the company's worth 10x what it is now.

6. DJI's new Mavic Air is the ideal consumer drone

As someone who's become a drone fan despite not liking my early experiences with them at all, mostly because of what DJI is doing, I think this new DJI Mavic Air is nearly ideal in terms of balancing portablity, cost and function.

7. Netflix exceeds $100 billion market value

Strong earnings sent Netflix stock value storing, enabling the streaming company to cross the $100 billion market for the first time in terms of market cap.

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