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GoPro's drone hopes sputter. It's The Daily Crunch.

MONDAY, JANUARY 8 2018 By Darrell Etherington

It's CES! The show has started for media, though the official thing isn't kicking off until Tuesday. Anyways, it's extremely a lot and yet also virtually nothing all at once. We're here, follow it on Meanwhile, here are the top tech stories for Monday, January 8, 2017 in The Daily Crunch.

1. GoPro confirms layoffs, drone division closure

GoPro is laying off over 250 people, the company confirmed today – something TechCrunch reported was happening earlier. The layoffs come mostly at the cost of GoPro's drone division, which is shutting down entirely.

The GoPro cuts prompted a huge sell-off of stock in the company, resulting in a drop that quickly reached and surpassed 24 percent early this morning, triggering a halt of share trading.

2. SpaceX launches first rocket in 2018

SpaceX has launched its first mission in 2018, after a record-breaking 2017. The payload was Zuma, a mystery spacecraft doing who knows what for a U.S. government client. Next up for SpaceX: Launching its huge Falcon Heavy for the first time.

3. Tile picks up new partners in Bose, Samsonite and more

Lost item Bluetooth tracking company Tile has a number of partners on the hardware side that allow it to incorporate its tech in a range of third-party devices. Now, it's bringing its lost item pinging to Bose Bluetooth headphones, including existing models via a coming software update.

4. Volkswagen will use Nvidia tech to put AI in its cars

The forthcoming VW microbus electric revival will have smart assistant features on board courtesy of Nvidia-powered AI. Nidia will also supply the foundation for AI tech across VW's future lineup of connected vehicles.

5. Nvidia will power 65-inch gaming displays

They'll be 4K video gaming monitors, but for real though, at this point can't we just agree they're TVs?

6. Google wants to buy CES away from Amazon and Alexa

Google is hoping to plant a flag at CES this year, much like Amazon did last year. The difference is that Google is spending a lot of money on its presence, whereas Amazon won without any direct show floor real estate, strictly through partnerships. Manufactured vs. organic hype for their relative smart assistants.

7. CTRL+T podcast

It's TechCrunch's best podcast, back again for a second week. Check it out, subscribe and enjoy.

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