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E-Commerce Minute

E-Commerce Minute: Wednesday -- January 10, 2018

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7 Tips for Powerful Product Photos
IoT and 5G: New Revenues, Use Cases, Value-added Services
5 Ways E-Commerce SMBs Can Cool Social Media Complaints
Verizon's Reawakening
E-Commerce Trends in 2018: Voice, Subscriptions, Personalization
Germany Cracks Whip Against Hate Speech on Social Media
CRM in 2018

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Today's Story Highlights

7 Tips for Powerful Product Photos
Product photos are a vital part of e-commerce. Because they provide the
central connection between customers and products, photos can make or
break an e-commerce business. "You can have a great looking website and
user interface, but if you don't have great product photos it is like
driving a Mercedes with a flat," said Sam Werkmeister, CEO of

IoT and 5G: New Revenues, Use Cases, Value-added Services
The 5G standards target billions of new devices that will connect to
operators' networks over the next decade and beyond. Each device type
serves a use case that can be high-volume with low throughput
requirements, or low-volume but high-value from a customer's point of
view. The list of use cases keeps growing as new types of devices are
added to the network, and as existing devices find new use cases with
embedded mobile connectivity.

5 Ways E-Commerce SMBs Can Cool Social Media Complaints
SMBs should "be proactive and ready to help [customers] right at the
moment they need it," said Linda Crawford, CEO of Helpshift. Companies
must streamline support systems to resolve issues faster and more
efficiently, she said. An up-to-date knowledge base enables instant
self-service, "but SMBs must also offer channels for customers to
communicate directly with support agents."

Verizon's Reawakening
Verizon is finally snapping out of the doldrums it has been stuck in for
the last several years. It seems to be on a comeback trail, thanks to
its new advertising campaign. All of a sudden, it is blowing its own
horn again. Verizon and Verizon Wireless in recent years have made many
high-profile missteps, goofs and errors, but it looks as though the
company is finally taking a different route.

E-Commerce Trends in 2018: Voice, Subscriptions, Personalization
The mushrooming popularity of smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google
Home will fuel e-commerce in the coming year. "You're going to have a
whole new frontier of commerce space driven through voice and brand
recognition," said Michael Levine, marketing vice president at Photon.
"It's going to be a different type of playing field for these brands.

Germany Cracks Whip Against Hate Speech on Social Media
Germany on Monday began enforcing its new Network Enforcement Act, or
NetzDG, which imposes a fine of up to $60 million on social media
networks that fail to remove hate-inciting posts promptly. The
controversial law, adopted in mid 2017, is designed to help combat hate
and fake news at a time when ISIS-linked terror and anti-immigrant
extremism have been on the rise in Germany.

CRM in 2018
Figuring out the year ahead in CRM is tricky and getting more so. Making
predictions has been more challenging for the last several years. We've
seen an array of new technologies take root and blossom, but managers
have had trouble figuring out how to adopt them. Those innovations have
fueled a lot of anxiety in the C-suite about digital disruption, but
each company's disruption is different.

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