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Kalanick eyes Uber share sale. It's The Daily Crunch.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 5 2018 By Darrell Etherington

Kalanick plans big Uber stock sale, GoPro's drone ambitions fizzle and Spotify has a lot of subscribers. All that and more in The Daily Crunch for January 5, 2018.

1. Travis Kalanick plans to sell a big chunk of his Uber stake

Uber founder Travis Kalanick is planning to sell off around 29 percent of his stake in Uber, which would provide around $1.4 billion in cash to the former CEO. This would be part of the offer made to SoftBank recently.

The deal would make Kalanick an actual billionaire, instead of just a theoretical one, and could set the former exec up for whatever comes after his Uber days.

2. GoPro to cut 300 jobs, mostly drone-related

GoPro thought a drone could save it – but ultimately that was like believing you could grow your niche appeal by targeting an even smaller niche, totally contained within the first niche. Unfortunately, GoPro's relatively recently spun up drone division pays the price.

3. Spotify tops 70 million subscribers

Apple Music may have seemed like a potential death-blow for Spotify when it launched, but the latter streaming music provider continues to do well. It's now at 70 million subscribers, more than double the total of Apple Music customers, which makes sense given its product advantages over Apple's offering.

4. Ethereum price exceeds $1,000

Bitcoin is higher, but Ethereum is coming on strong, and in general crypto continues to perform well despite Bitcoin's big dip late last year.

5. Intel CEO stock sale raises eyebrows after Meltdown and Spectre disclosure

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich sold a lot of shares in November, when he was apparently aware of the Meltdown and Spectre bugs, but before the public knew about them. Intel says it's unrelated and was the result of an automated sale schedule.

6. Hulu is bringing back Animaniacs

Hulu is going to be airing new episodes of Animaniacs staring in 2020, once it creates new ones with Steven Spielberg's TV production company. 90s kids rejoice.

7. Podcast Friday!

It's podcast day at TechCrunch, and both Equity and Original Content are all new. Equity has thought on Spotify and Uber, and on Original Content, we take a hard look at the first ever orc police officer in LA.

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