Kamis, 16 November 2017

Tesla set to reveal its big truck. It's The Daily Crunch.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16 2017 By Darrell Etherington

Tesla's big electric semi truck event is tonight, Google's answer to AirPods isn't really one, and Microsoft's Surface Book 2 is a beast. It's The Daily Crunch for November 16, 2017.

1. What to expect from Tesla's truck event

Tesla is unveiling an all-electric semi truck tonight at its Hawthorne location, and we'll be there live to bring you the news. The EV big rig is supposed to pack a lot of surprises, according to founder Elon Musk.

We know it'll look like it's a truck from space, basically, but beyond that we're still pretty much in the dark. We do have some guesses about range and features, but 8 PM PT will be when we finally get the full picture.

2. Pixel Buds are just okay

Google has launched its answer to AirPods, the semi-wired Pixel Buds. They offer neat features like real-time translation, but mostly they're not all that great, at least right now, according to Brian.

3. Surface Book 2 lands

Microsoft's Surface Book 2 is here, and it's pretty great, with long battery life and other solid features. It sound like it's a solid performer, but will people give up their MacBook Pros to own one?

4. Pip is a Switch-like retro DIY console

This Pi-powered retro console designed to teach kids to code is awesome looking. It's a Kickstarter project for now, but here's hoping it gets the full backing to ship.

5. Twitter removes verification for a number of white supremacists

Twitter took swift action after announcing new guidelines for its verification system to remove verification for those users who didn't meet them – and so far that's been mostly white supremacists. Of course, alt-right accounts are now claiming Twitter needs to be turned into a public utility because they feel unfairly treated. Whatever policy leads to fewer Nazis with a voice is the one I'm for.

6. Scientists discovered a new Earth-size planet

It's not aliens. Well it could be aliens? No, probably not, but scientists have found an Earth-sized planet 'nearby' (11 light years, near in astronomical terms). It could be habitable, too.

7. HealthMatch wins Startup Battlefield Australia

Startup HealthMatch has won TechCrunch's Startup Battlefield Australia event, which nets them $25,000 and a trip to Battlefield SF at Disrupt next year. The company matches patients with clinical trials using machine learnings, solving a problem on both ends of that equation.

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