Rabu, 22 November 2017

Uber's big breach. It's the Daily Crunch.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 22 2017 By Darrell Etherington

Uber breach and coverup, FCC stands ready to bulldoze net neutrality and an ICO vanishes in the night. All that and more in The Daily Crunch for November 22, 2017.

1. Uber covered up a massive data breach

When you have an image problem as bad as Uber's, it's hard to fall further. News that the company experienced a data breach in 2016 that affected 57 million users does the job, however.

Especially because the company purposefully failed to disclose the breach, and paid out $100,000 to its perpetrators disguised as a bug bounty to keep them quiet. There will be plenty of fallout yet to come from this.

2. The FCC's gutting of net neutrality ignores 22 million comments filed

This FCC is basically a crowd of criminals dismantling net neutrality regardless of what anyone else thinks, so I suppose it's not surprising that they ignored all the comments in support of existing regulations in creating their new rules. Not surprising, but still immensely depressing.

3. An ICO vanishes

ICOs are shady as heck, item of evidence no. 247: This Confido ICO appears to have been a pure scam. Buyer beware when you're purchasing made up currency with no demonstrable value.

4. Lyft latest to gain self-driving testing approval

Lyft now has approval to test its self-driving vehicles on California roads. Sure, we haven't yet seen any actual Lyft self-driving cars, but this means they exist and will likely be hitting the road soon.

5. Facebook isn't fixing its discriminatory advertising problem

Facebook probably can't regulate itself when it comes to ethical advertising standards, it turns out. The company has been found to not be addressing a problem on its platform where ads were being targeted using discriminatory categorization, specifically for housing.

6. Apple acquires Canadian VR headset maker

Apple has expressed interest in AR and VR so it's not surprising to see it go out and acquire talent and tech in that area. Still, this could be a strong indicator it has headset hardware ambitions, even if CEO Tim Cook has been relatively downbeat on the current state of AR hardware.

7. Elon Musk is great at selling hats

Elon Musk's tunneling venture The Boring Co. is already a very successful hat retailer, it turns out. It's sold $300,000 of hats (15,000 units) already, since putting them on sale in October.

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