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Google turns up the AMP. It's The Daily Crunch.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 13 2018 By Darrell Etherington

Google is AMPing up everything, ARM will start making your smartphone smarter in a different way and GM expands its car-sharing venture to Canada. All that and more in The Daily Crunch for February 13, 2018.

1. Google reveals AMP for email

Google's more mobile-friendly AMP format for content is now expanding to email, which is yet another sign that Google wants to mediate all your interaction with online content, everywhere.

The problem is that Google's offering something quite pleasant in return: Faster-loading, more consumable content. It's the devil's bargain, but at least Google is the devil we sort of know.

2. ARM machine learning processors coming to smartphones

Your smartphone isn't smart enough – yet. ARM-based processors designed specifically for use in machine learning are coming to phones soon, and they could become much more intelligent as a result.

3. GM launches Maven in Canada

The millennials, they don't seem to want to buy cars. Automakers are figuring out what to do about that, and mostly it involves projects like GM's Maven car-sharing platform. They've started being upfront about the fact that decreased buyer appetite is the cause for things like this, too.

4. Homebrew has a new $90 million fund

'Hunter Walk' sure sounds like a made-up name. Nice guy though. He probably raised this fund because of his cool name mostly.

5. Skydio's new drone will find you

Drones that follow you around and know where you're going are already here. I feel like life is... bad?

6. Boston Dynamics' robot can now open doors

Remember when Google realized these things were freaking people out and sold off Boston Dynamics? Well, now there's been an episode of Black Mirror where robots that look very similar mercilessly hunt humans, and then the company released this video of the bot opening doors. Good call, Google.

7. Fitbit buys Twine Health

Fitbit is trying to buy its way out of stagnation and ultimate doom, and its latest acquisition is a company that offers health management with a HIPAA-compliant platform. This might be a smart direction to take things.

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