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SpaceX readies its internet plan. It's The Daily Crunch.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 14 2018 By Darrell Etherington

SpaceX is gearing up to beam internet to hard-to-reach places from space. It's Chrome native ad-blocker-Eve, and Magic Leap is jumping on content partnerships. All that and more in The Daily Crunch for February 14, 2018. Happy holiday-conceived-and-introduced-by-the-greeting-card-industry-for-purely-commercial-purposes day.

1. SpaceX readies its internet plan for launch

SpaceX is setting the stage for its push into paid satellite broadband internet service, with a test launch of two micro satellites aboard its next mission for a paying customer. SpaceX hopes to make an internet business a way to defray its costs and increase revenue.

We don't yet know what SpaceX's service will look like from a customer perspective, but if it can beam affordable broadband to hard-to-reach areas from space that could be an attractive option to a significant group of people.

2. How Google's native ad-blocker in Chrome will work

Google is putting its own ad-blocker live in Chrome starting tomorrow. It won't block all ads, but will instead target malicious and annoying advertising and punish sites that host it. Competing third-party ad blockers are worried about this, but it's basically just about changing who holds the purse strings.

3. Magic Leap is jumping into NBA streaming

Magic Leap is nearing its first product launch, and we're finding out more about product features as a result. One such thing is a partnership with the NBA to stream games. It'll probably be great for a very tiny group of customers. Magic Leap's long-term promise is in its technical chops, not its product – if there is any promise at all.

4. Apple is making a scripted show about Kevin Durant's story

Apple's original content efforts roll on, and there's an NBA twist: One of the shows they've optioned is a scripted series based on Kevin Durant's life. This concludes our basketball news for the day.

5. Bitcoin is impacting SETI

What would be great is if Bitcoin and cryptocurrency went away forever, as soon as possible. Blockchain more broadly can stay.

6. Tinder will copy Bumble's core differentiator in future update

Bumble's primary success is based a lot on its ability to differentiate from Tinder in decreasing the odds of creepy interactions. Now, Tinder wants to replicate that as an optional feature in a forthcoming update.

7. Facebook's Messenger Kids app arrives on Android

Holy crap Facebook, have some decency and at least mask your blatant thirst for more younger users on your platforms.

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