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YouTube's new state flags. It's The Daily Crunch.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2 2018 By Darrell Etherington

YouTube wants you to know when you're watching propaganda, Tesla gets a bit more homey and Messenger for kids is still a bad idea. All that and more in The Daily Crunch for February 2, 2018.

1. YouTube will begin flagging state-sponsored content

YouTube is going to start notifying viewers when they're watching something that's sponsored by the state from which they operate. It's one way in which it's hoping to help inform viewers fully about what they're watching.

It's only going to show up in the U.S., for now, however, and it's also not promising to be 100 percent accurate. But it's a start.

2. Tesla hopes to make solar more normal with Home Depot

Tesla will be selling its PowerWall and solar panel products at over 800 Home Depot locations. That's a good start towards making this a more mainstream technology.

3. Tesla's also helping its truck partners build charing stations

Tesla's big electric truck will work best with big, task-specific chargers, and that means it's good news for potential clients that Tesla will be helping to set those up at truck origin points.

4. End of an era for Sony

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai is leaving the role to spend more time with family, after a six-year run that included an impressive turnaround for the industry giant.

5. Airbus' futuristic flying taxi is actually flying now

This flying taxi is a bit more real than most of the ones you read about, and it has the backing of one of the largest aerospace companies in the world.

6. David Marcus incorrectly thinks Facebook's Messenger product for kids is good

Just stick to ruining the adult world, Facebook – you'll be able to screw up kids once they're old enough, too.

7. Dog walking is big business

Equity has General Catalyst's Steve Herrod on, and up for discussion is dog-walking, Airbnb's IPO or lack thereof, and Amazon.

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