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Facebook executives hit unsend. It's The Daily Crunch.

FRIDAY, APRIL 6 2018 By Anthony Ha

Facebook embarrasses itself again, Apple says the new Mac Pro isn't coming until 2019 and Coinbase will invest in startups. All that and more in The Daily Crunch for April 6, 2018.

1. Facebook plans to let everyone unsend messages, won't let Zuckerberg until then

Last night, we reported that Facebook had "unsent" messages from Mark Zuckerberg and other executives, causing them to disappear from recipients' inboxes. Now the company says it wants to give normal users that ability too, though the feature may take several months to launch.

Facebook says that moving forward, it won't allow its executives to unsend messages until these capabilities are available to everyone.

2. Apple's 2019 Mac Pro will be shaped by workflows

My boss Matthew Panzarino had an in-depth discussion with the Apple team about their plans to reinvent the Mac Pro.

3. Coinbase unveils fund for early-stage cryptocurrency startups

The fund might invest in companies that potentially compete with Coinbase because "it's in everyone's interest to see the ecosystem innovate," according Coinbase's Emilie Choi.

4. Walmart to roll out over 500 more Pickup Towers to U.S. stores this year

The towers, which are like high-tech vending machines distributing customers' online purchases, were first introduced into nearly 200 stores in 2017. The idea is that customers could save more on their orders, then pickup in the store, where they might buy more things — while also saving Walmart on shipping expenses.

5. Myanmar group blasts Zuckerberg's claim on Facebook hate speech prevention

In a recent interview with Vox, Mark Zuckerberg used the example of Myanmar, where he claimed Facebook had successfully rooted out and prevented hate speech through a system that scans chats inside Messenger. That claim has been rejected in a letter signed by six organizations in Myanmar, including tech accelerator firm Phandeeyar.

6. Razer's gaming ecosystem gets bigger with the launch of its online game store

The Razer Game Store will compete with Steam and Amazon, but it could to grab gamers' attention with perks like the chance to earn more credits in Razer's zSilver loyalty program, plus exclusive discounts on games and Razer hardware.

7. Should AI researchers kill people?

The obvious answer: No. But TechCrunch's Danny Crichton says they may not have a choice.

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