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Android basks in the solar eclipse. It's The Daily Crunch.

MONDAY, AUGUST 21 2017 By Darrell Etherington

It's solar eclipse day! Tech helps us enjoy the wonders of nature. Also, new emojis in Android. Equivalent importance! That and more in The Daily Crunch for August 21, 2017.

1. Total eclipse of the news cycle

The solar eclipse is today. It's an unmatched wonder of the natural world, so why not watch it the same way you watch Despacito and people flipping bottles or whatever – online.

If you have safety glasses and are in its path you should totally check it out IRL, but for a big chunk of us that's not possible anyway, so there are plenty of streaming options available.

2. Or watch a mobile operating system launch

Eclipse schmeclipse, amirite? If you're an astronomical Grinch you could check out the live stream of Google's official Android O unveiling, which is taking place at 2:40 PM ET, or roughly the time the eclipse will be visible from NYC.

3. Intel's new chips will be FAST

Hey look Intel is revealing its new-generation chips, which have a 40 percent speed increase vs. the existing crop. That's impressive. If you just bought a notebook PC, congrats on it becoming old news.

4. VW's all-electric Microbus is really going to happen

Holy hell it looks like Volkswagen is actually going to make its super cool I.D. Buzz concept car, which is essentially a modern, all-electric version of the iconic Microbus. Count me in, VW. Even if I have to wait until 2022.

5. HTC drops Vive price by $200

Top-tier VR hardware has to get cheaper if it wants to catch on, and HTC is helping by dropping the price of the Vive by $200. Oculus reduced its hardware price for the summer, and recently extended the deal. Both are probably also clearing out inventory in preparation for new devices, tbqh.

6. Microsoft's speech recognition software is getting better

One day we'll achieve Star Trek quality voice interfaces. One day soon, perhaps.

7. Microsoft finally started pre-sales for Xbox One X

But it was a limited run for the special 'Project Scorpio' Edition and they were sold out before I even had a chance. Dang.

Also, if you haven't yet, check out the latest new TechCrunch podcast, hosted by myself and Anthony Ha. If you spend the weekend binging The Defenders on Marvel, this is the perfect dessert:

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