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Uber privacy pains and Apple content gains. It's The Daily Crunch.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 16 2017 By Darrell Etherington

Uber agrees to 20 years of privacy audits, and loses its head of developer products. Meanwhile Apple is going to spend big time on original content next year, and we've coincidentally just launched a new podcast to talk all about Original Content. All that and more in The Daily Crunch for August 16, 2017.

1. Uber settles FTC probe with 20 years of privacy audits

Uber can take an FTC probe into potential customer data mishandling by the company off its list of worries – but only because it agreed to 20 years of ongoing independent privacy audits.

This privacy snafu looks like another piece of fallout from Uber's move fast-and-break-everything strategy, since it results in part from Uber not having a written information security program in place until at least 2014. Still in Uber's best interest to get this matter resolved quickly.

2. Uber's developer product lead departs

Uber had another high-profile executive departure, too – this time it's Chris Saad, who was head of the company's developer product. The departure was in part related to Travis Kalanick's ouster, as Saad was a staunch supporter of the founder.

3. Apple could spend $1 billion on original content next year

Apple is said to be putting a huge cash pile behind creation of new original TV shows and video content in 2018. A report says it'll budget $1 billion for that purpose next year. That's still way less than Amazon and Netflix are spending, but it's a big start for a company new to streaming video content creation.

4. Andrew Ng seeks $150 million for new AI fund

Andrew Ng is basically an AI legend, and now he's raising $150 million to build a fund to invest in startups creating AI. The former Google Brain founder and Baidu chief scientist is probably the best person alive right now to make decisions about where to funnel cash to back AI startups.

5. What social tech giants are doing about hate speech

Hate proliferates via platforms that have also made it easy for people to communicate and share. Those companies that run the social web are taking steps to stop the spread of harmful speech, however, and Brian takes a look at what each is doing.

6. Microsoft puts self-flying gliders in the air

Microsoft is testing smart gliders that can keep themselves flying by predicting where thermal updrafts will appear and jumping from one to another. Cool.

7. We launched 'Original Content,' a new TechCrunch podcast

Hey look, it's a brand new TechCrunch audio podcast! It's called Original Content, and the focus will be on new original programming from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Apple and other digital-first media companies. It's the new TV, and we're watching it. All of it. Subscribe and leave a review in Apple Podcasts.

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