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E-Commerce Minute

E-Commerce Minute: Thursday -- August 3, 2017

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Headline Scan
Businesses Leverage Instagram Stories to New Heights
Comcast, Google Can Publish Users' Email Contents
Spanning Front and Back Offices
EPIC Claims Google Violates Consumer Privacy in FTC Complaint
New Service Promises Help Winning Government Contracts
Few Jobs Safe From Robotics, AI Advances
Amazon's B2B Business Blows Past 1M Customer Mark
InsideView Launches Expert Consulting Service for B2B Marketers

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Today's Story Highlights

Businesses Leverage Instagram Stories to New Heights
Instagram's Stories feature, which launched one year ago, has achieved
widespread engagement among businesses that want to raise their brand
awareness and expand their e-commerce penetration, the company said. The
tool, launched in August 2016, allows users to create digital slide
shows out of photos and videos in order to convey a story. More than 250
million daily active users are on Stories.

Comcast, Google Can Publish Users' Email Contents
Comcast's Terms of Service for its Xfinity Internet service gives it,
its agents, suppliers and affiliates the right to "reproduce, publish,
distribute and display" the content worldwide. It also lets third
parties copy, republish or distribute material posted or transmitted
using Xfinity Internet. This would include confidential information sent
by a company employee or an independent contractor.

Spanning Front and Back Offices
CPQ -- that is, configure, price, quote -- is one of the most
transitional apps, because it spans front and back offices, and because
its very existence has changed these functions. Another app in this
category is sales compensation management. Both of their stories are
about front-office processes needing back-office data. Once the data is
made available, the process evolves to be far more useful.

EPIC Claims Google Violates Consumer Privacy in FTC Complaint
A new technology that Google uses to track billions of credit card
transactions is unsafe, overly intrusive, and possibly in violation of
federal law, according to a complaint EPIC filed Monday with the FTC.
EPIC urged the FTC to investigate Google over its Store Sales Management
program, criticizing it as unfair and deceptive to consumers, and
lacking an easy way to opt out.

New Service Promises Help Winning Government Contracts
Onvia on Tuesday launched a new service for companies selling to the
public sector. The service provides access to detailed materials
associated with a given solicitation, including all submitted proposals,
the awarded bid, the final contract, and the agency's scoring criteria.
Onvia "helps clients succeed in pursuing government contracts," said Ben
Vaught, director of Onvia for Government.

Few Jobs Safe From Robotics, AI Advances
The age of connected and intelligent systems has been a subject of
intense media coverage and hot debate, but the implications will be much
greater than many have forecast. Most predictions paint a rather bleak
picture for lower-income blue collar jobs. Many will be replaced with
automation resulting from the combination of advanced sensor,
connectivity, processing, robotics and AI technologies.

Amazon's B2B Business Blows Past 1M Customer Mark
Amazon Business, launched in April 2015, this week announced that it had
reached the 1 million customer milestone. "This is rapid growth," said
Ray Wang, principal analyst at Constellation Research. It's attributable
in part to a crossover effect from the large number of B2C customers
Amazon has, he said. Amazon Business offers business-only pricing on
millions of products, and access to more than 85,000 business sellers.

InsideView Launches Expert Consulting Service for B2B Marketers
InsideView has announced a consulting service to help B2B marketers
implement account-based marketing. Expert Service, the first in the
firm's planned series of InsideView Expert Services, delivers target
market analytics and helps customers build a view of their total
addressable market using a data visualization console. InsideView's TAM
service is a blend of consulting, technology and data.

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