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Tech News Flash: Friday -- August 18, 2017

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Merged VR: Augmented Reality Cubed
Report: Apple to Funnel Megabucks Into Original TV Content Development
Gadgets: Trending Hot Plates, Toys for Future Coders, and a Ringy Dingy Ring
CoreOS Tectonic Platform Aims to Free the Cloud

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Today's Story Highlights

Merged VR: Augmented Reality Cubed
There is considerable development activity at the high end of hardware
and content creation for virtual reality and augmented reality, as well
as such AR aliases as mixed reality, extended reality and others. Most
industry investment is aimed at leading-edge gaming and industrial
application development. However, the low-end of the market is also
worth looking at.

Report: Apple to Funnel Megabucks Into Original TV Content Development
Apple reportedly has decided to put more than $1 billion toward the
acquisition and development of original programming, part of a long-
awaited rollout of a new television and film experience. The investment
will leverage Apple's thus far underwhelming Apple TV business,
bolstering its core video and music library to fulfill the promise of
disrupting traditional television and film studios.

Gadgets: Trending Hot Plates, Toys for Future Coders, and a Ringy Dingy Ring
If you've looked at Facebook for more than a minute over the last few
years, there's no question that you'll have encountered a top-down,
perfectly filmed food video from BuzzFeed's Tasty channel. The cooking
clips are enormously popular on the social network, racking up billions
of views a month. Now BuzzFeed is trying to monetize its success in a
new way. Enter the Tasty One Top, a hot plate that seeks to make cooking

CoreOS Tectonic Platform Aims to Free the Cloud
CoreOS on Thursday announced the general availability of the Kubernetes
container management Tectonic platform on Microsoft's Azure cloud. The
Tectonic platform enables enterprises to run Kubernetes on a single
platform across various cloud and bare metal environments. Prior to this
release, the Tectonic platform was available on Amazon Web Services and
bare metal servers.

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