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E-Commerce Minute

E-Commerce Minute: Thursday -- August 24, 2017

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Headline Scan
Ad Tech's Future Beyond Facebook and Google
Walmart, Google Enter Voice-Shopping Fray
Zyme CCO Ted Dimbero: Connecting the Channel Data Dots
Tech Leaders Urge UN to Ban AI-Based Lethal Weapons
Survey: In-App Customer Support Is a Winner
Kari's Law: A 911 Fix That Will Make the US Safer

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Today's Story Highlights

Ad Tech's Future Beyond Facebook and Google
Advertising technology, or ad tech, is a relatively new business
segment. Both Google and Facebook have been very successful with this
new advertising model. Going forward, will ad tech be important and
rapidly expand to a wider segment, or will it be limited to the way
certain companies show value and grow? Advertising has gone through wave
after wave of change over the decades.

Walmart, Google Enter Voice-Shopping Fray
Walmart and Google, two of Amazon's biggest rivals, on Wednesday
announced a partnership that will let customers use Google's Home
speaker and a number of voice-assisted mobile devices to shop online at
Walmart. Their mutual goal is to eat away at Amazon's dominant share in
the e-commerce shopping space and the smart speaker space, in order to
curb the growth of its giant ecosystem.

Zyme CCO Ted Dimbero: Connecting the Channel Data Dots
"Channel data management is about providing high-tech companies with all
the data and information they need to effectively manage their
distribution channels, sales and marketing," said Zyme CCO Ted Dimbero.
"Traditionally, companies have relied on managing the channel fairly
blindly. They may get monthly data, but a lot of the data is incomplete
or too late to make important decisions."

Tech Leaders Urge UN to Ban AI-Based Lethal Weapons
A group of the world's top technology leaders have published an open
letter urging the United Nations to ban the use of AI in weapons
systems, amid growing concerns that autonomous killer robots could wind
up taking control. The group of 116 companies, most of which specialize
in robotics or AI, argued that its growing use could revolutionize
modern warfare in irreversible ways.

Survey: In-App Customer Support Is a Winner
Consumers want mobile apps with good in-app customer support, suggest
results of a recent survey. Radius Global Market Research conducted the
online poll of adults in the United States this spring. Among the
survey's findings: Eighty-nine percent of respondents said they would
recommend an app if a customer support agent proactively contacted them
while they were experiencing problems.

Kari's Law: A 911 Fix That Will Make the US Safer
The 911 emergency number was created back in the day when telephones
were connected by wires, before cellphones or Voice over Internet
Protocol in the home, and before Multi-Line Telephone Systems in the
enterprise. In the early days, anyone could dial 911 for police, fire or
medical emergencies. When consumers dropped land lines and started using
Internet phone services, a 911 problem surfaced.

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