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Uber officially has a CEO again. It's The Daily Crunch.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30 2017 By Darrell Etherington

Uber finally has a CEO again, Apple's Home button might not be long for this world, and Alexa and Cortana are now a squad. All that and more in The Daily Crunch for August 30, 2017.

1. Uber's new CEO is finally officially official

Uber has finally made official the hiring of Dara Khosrowshahi as its new CEO, after a drawn out process that involved both sides confirming he'd received and would accept the offer. The former Expedia CEO is now definitely at Uber.

Khosrowshahi appears to be a choice welcomed by all involved, including Travis Kalanick and even Benchmark, which is currently suing Kalanick. Perhaps he can bring some peace to the troubled company.

2. How Apple will do without the Home button for iPhone 8

The upcoming premium iPhone won't have a home button, according to a new report – not even a software one. Instead, it'll rely on gestures for navigation. Sounds like it could take some getting used to, but shouldn't ultimately be that big of a difference.

3. Amazon and Microsoft unite their voices

Amazon Echo and Microsoft Cortana will work together in the future, with each able to summon the other and ask them to fulfill tasks. Sounds overly complicated tbh. I'd rather have one assistant that can reliably do everything I need.

4. Speak out today on net neutrality or forever hold your peace

Well not really, but today is the last day to get your comments in on FCC's proposed plan to kill net neutrality, which is bad. Go tell them it's bad – Devin outlines how.

5. Grab grabs some Toyota funding

Uber's Asia rival Grab has secured investment from Toyota. It's a good strategic partner to have on board, and there's also a data partnership with the motor company proper coming alongside the funding deal from its venture arm.

6. How tech is helping out with Harvey relief

Tech companies have launched a number of initiatives to attempt to assist with Hurricane Harvey relief and recovery efforts, and you can check them all out in one place here, as assembled by Taylor.

7. What it was like to attend SpaceX's Hyperloop Pod competition

SpaceX held its second student Hyperloop Pod competition last weekend, and we were there to experience the whole thing. Get a condensed look at what that was like with this video look at the speed-focused test.

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