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So how good is Andy Rubin's phone? It's the Daily Crunch.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 18 2017 By Darrell Etherington

Essentially a phone, Kalanick kicks back, and Facebook wants clickbait video to flounder in the feed. All that and more in The Daily Crunch for August 18, 2017.

1. Essential is here – so how's the phone?

How is the Essential Phone? Greg got to spend a few days with it prior to its general release, so he can tell you. It's not enough time to call it a proper review, but he shares extensive opinions about the anticipated device.

TL;DR – it's solid, but nothing amazing, yet. Nothing, you might say, that you couldn't do without, if you've already got a great device. Also, we learn that the only things Greg cares about in this world are apparently Netflix and Photos.

2. Travis Kalanick fights back against Benchmark suit

Kalanick had words about Benchmark's lawsuit in a legal filing. The former Uber CEO said that the legal action was "part of [Benchmark's] public and personal attack" on him, and also an "ambush" "executed... at the most shameful of times," immediately following the death of Kalanick's mother.

3. Steve Jurvetson has the 5th Model 3 and now he wants to tell you about closing the digital divide

Do super rich people have the perspective necessary to provide direction about closing the digital divide that increasingly seems to separate people from different socioeconomic backgrounds. DFJ's Steve Jurvetson will try to convince us he can indeed help at Disrupt this year in SF.

4. Facebook is taking on clickbait video

If you're a media company currently pivoting to video (which is all of them), make sure you're not pivoting to the wrong kind of video. Facebook has said it'll shut down clickbait content and fake video play buttons on images designed to grab clicks.

5. Taylor Swift is going to space! Kind of.

A bitcoin millionaire is sending a copy of Taylor Swift's "1989" into space, aboard a mini satellite. Wish more wealthy people would spend their money this wisely.

6. Fat Lama is P2P for everything

I have a lot of stuff around that would probably be very useful for others, and which I use very rarely. Fat Lama thinks a lot of people are probably in similar situations, and would like to help them rent out their gear – whatever it may be – in a peer-to-peer asset sharing scenario.

7. The Defenders is on Netflix – here's what we think of the latest Marvel show

Basically, it's good, but listen to the full episode of Original Content, our latest TechCrunch podcast, to find out exactly why we like it. Also, Netflix lands big TV talent with Shonda Rhimes.

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