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Uber financials show continued growth. It's The Daily Crunch.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 24 2017 By Darrell Etherington

Uber's financials conveniently 'leak,' Whole Famazonoods gets the FTC nod and Apple's big iPhone event seems likely for September 12. All that and more in The Daily Crunch for August 24, 2017.

1. Uber's financials paint a rosy picture

Uber's financials for the most recent quarter came to light via a new 'leak,' which shows continued growth and not really much of anything in terms of fiscal fallout as a result of its ongoing drama.

These convenient Uber financial leaks happen pretty much like clockwork now, and seem to be an intentional response to skepticism about their continued success. And since the company isn't public, it can kind of pick and choose with what comes out. Still, doesn't look like it's any danger of folding anytime soon.

2. Amazon and Whole Foods deal gets the green light

The FTC has given the 'OK' for Amazon to proceed with its Whole Foods acquisition, which means soon you'll be buying your all-natural organic almonds from the largest ecommerce player in the world.

3. Apple's iPhone announcement could be Sept. 12

That's not that far away. It seems likely to fall on this day at this point, so get your wallets ready. Generally speaking, devices end up going on sale roughly a week or so after the event, with pre-orders opening the Friday immediately following, in case you want to plan.

4. Samsung tried to make its Note 7 fiasco look like a win

'Sure, our phones blew up, but people loved them so much anyway.' Sly, Samsung. Can't really blame them for trying to turn that into something positive in the end, either.

5. John got hacked

It was extensive. The SIM was the weak spot in the end, and there are ways to harden that process so take note. Also, looks like cryptocurrency fans are a new favorite target for people looking to make a quick buck from a hack.

6. YouTubers net a big fair use legal win

I've never heard of h3h3 but apparently it's a thing on YouTube. They were sued for one of their reaction videos, and then won a defense based on fair use. That could be big for 'Tubers in general as a precedent.

7. People want the athleisure wear

Hey, look, Outdoor Voices raised $9 million to make and sell athleisure wear online. It's the new formal wear kind of.

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